Welcome to Montrose Academy

We will endeavour to ensure: •every young person reaches the highest levels of attainment and achievement of which they are capable; •every young person will be a success and that success will be celebrated; •all our young people move on to positive and aspirational destinations; •we improve the lives and life chances of all our young people.


Head Teacher Message

Mr M. Smart, Montrose Academy's new Head Teacher, discusses the school “Vision”; supporting young people and preparing them for the future and the change of the weekly timetable to a 33 period week.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Montrose Academy has a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular sports and activities promote healthy habits for life and enhance the ethos of the school through clubs and teams

School Leadership Team

Mr M. Smart – Head Teacher

Mrs K. Taylor – Depute Head Teacher (Dun House)

Mrs R. Robertson – Depute Head Teacher (Burnes House)

Mrs L. Rankin – Depute Head Teacher (Esk House)

Mrs A. Will  – Acting Depute Head Teacher (Lunan House)

Ms D. McIntosh – Support Services Manager