Additional Support Needs


Any pupil, at any time, may need extra help with their education for a variety of reasons.

Principal Teacher:  Mrs C Rae 

Teaching Staff: Mrs P Porter | Mrs J Cockburn | Miss K Stewart | Mr R Jones | Mr S Clark | Mrs F Harris | Miss L McAdam | Dr J Thomson | Mrs L Rose

Support Staff: Mrs S Stewart | Mrs S Scappaticci | Miss L Lawless | Mrs K Wood | Mrs A Edwards | Mrs G Spiers | Miss E Cannon | Miss H Patterson | Mr P Wright | Mrs P Munro | Miss K Cairns | Miss B Kneller | Miss G McCombie | Mrs R Pullar | Miss L Duncan | Mrs Y Porter

An additional support need arises when there is any barrier to learning.

At Montrose Academy we have a dedicated team of teachers and support staff (Pupil and School Support Assistants) who work alongside class teachers in supporting learning and teaching activities.


Our aim at Montrose Academy is to build trusting relationships with our families, other agencies and our community and to foster a culture where young people and their families feel safe, valued and are able to participate in learning which they find meaningful, relevant and enjoyable. We strive towards a truly inclusive education and at times this means that pupil’s needs are best met within a zone setting.

Presently we have a number of zones set up around the school which cater for children with varying needs. These classes are smaller in number. They have their own room and have a ‘lead teacher’ who predominately stays with the class. We liaise with our cluster primaries, parents and other agencies to determine when a child would be better placed in a ‘zone’ setting as opposed to a mainstream class. We are inclusive, and actively seek to give pupils and parents a voice and a say in what their education package looks like, therefore the zones are fluid.

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