Welcome to Montrose Academy

We will endeavour to ensure: •every young person reaches the highest levels of attainment and achievement of which they are capable; •every young person will be a success and that success will be celebrated; •all our young people move on to positive and aspirational destinations; •we improve the lives and life chances of all our young people.


Head Teacher Message

Mr M. Smart, Montrose Academy's new Head Teacher, discusses the school “Vision”; supporting young people and preparing them for the future and the change of the weekly timetable to a 33 period week.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Montrose Academy has a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular sports and activities promote healthy habits for life and enhance the ethos of the school through clubs and teams

Broad General Education Social Subjects & RME

We are a curriculum group consisting of history, geography, modern studies, philosophy and RME. People in our curriculum group get involved in a wide range of activities with our staff.  We offer after school groups such as Fairtrade, Animee, Human Rights, Pupil Council and Duke of Edinburgh.

Pupils in Social Subjects have been involved in many school trips from the Lake District to Belgium.

We take pride in the school motto, semper surum and are available at lunchtimes and after school for supported study to help our students reach the best they can in all our subjects. We offer courses in BGE, Nationals, Higher and Advanced Higher



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