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Course Choice

As pupils journey through Senior Phase, they are required to make decisions about courses they wish to study at certificated level. In S4, alongside Mathematica and English, pupils will select four other subjects with which to continue. In S5/6, pupils will select five subjects, in most instances progressing with subjects studied in S4/S5 although some pupils choose to broaden their suite of qualifications and select ‘new’ subjects.

Please refer to our Pathways and Positive Destinations Booklet for more information regarding courses available in

Course Choice Form Timetable 2021/22
Montrose Academy Pathways and Positive Destinations Booklet

Pathways and Positive Destinations Video

As we are currently in a period of school closure and working/learning from home, teachers haven’t had the same opportunity as they have in recent years to promote courses in their subject areas. With this in mind, and to support pupils entering/within the Senior Phase in making informed choices about which subjects to study next session, teachers have recorded inputs which have been pulled together in the Montrose Academy’s Positive Destinations and Pathways video. We strongly encourage all pupils to take the time to watch and listen to the video, using what teachers have to say, alongside information in the Positive Destinations and Pathways Booklet, to select the courses that are right for them.


Dundee and Angus College

In their booklet you will find a list of all the Dundee and Angus College courses available to study in the Senior Phase, S4-S6.
The courses are all delivered at the Arbroath campus. As with your other choices, please make sure to read the course information before selecting a course to study. Also, please be aware that choosing to study a Foundation Apprenticeship will impact on the rest of your timetable as these courses do not fit into the Friday delivery model. This means that pupils who opt to study a Foundation Apprenticeship will be required to catch up, working independently, on work for other subjects.

College Course Choice Sheet Dundee and Angus 21-22

Dundee and Angus College Pathways Booklet 2021-22

Dundee & Angus College Foundation Apprenticeship Booklet