Welcome to Montrose Academy

We will endeavour to ensure: •every young person reaches the highest levels of attainment and achievement of which they are capable; •every young person will be a success and that success will be celebrated; •all our young people move on to positive and aspirational destinations; •we improve the lives and life chances of all our young people.


Head Teacher Message

Mr M. Smart, Montrose Academy's new Head Teacher, discusses the school “Vision”; supporting young people and preparing them for the future and the change of the weekly timetable to a 33 period week.


Extra-Curricular Activities

Montrose Academy has a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Extra-curricular sports and activities promote healthy habits for life and enhance the ethos of the school through clubs and teams

Course Choice

As pupils journey through the Senior Phase, they are required to make decisions about courses they wish to study at a certificated level. In S4, alongside Mathematics and English, pupils will select four other subjects with which to continue. In S5/6, pupils will select five subjects, in most instances progressing with subjects studied in S4/S5 although some pupils choose to broaden their suite of qualifications and select ‘new’ subjects. 
 Please refer to our Pathways and Positive Destinations Booklet for more information regarding courses available in school. 
 For information about courses available to pupils as part of our partnership with Dundee and Angus College, please refer to the attached document. The Montrose Academy Course Choice form will make clear which courses outlined within the booklet are available to students. 

Pathways and Positive Destinations Booklet

Dundee and Angus College Senior Phase Offer