TeenCovidLife Survey

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“Montrose Academy has recently signed up to be a SHINE school.  Generation Scotland is a research team based at the University of Edinburgh and SHINE is a network of 194 Scottish Schools who are interested in using data to support improvements in health and wellbeing.  SHINE is looking to gather data on young people (aged 12 -17 yrs) in Scotland.  They are inviting young people to share their views on how the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are impacting their lives. Many surveys have already been conducted with adults to inform​ governments and policymakers – SHINE is inviting this generation to make​ their voices heard.  As a school, we would like all pupils to complete this survey by the end of this week.  The closing date is Tuesday 30th June.  If we have enough pupils completing the survey, we will receive a report based on the pupils’ answers in August.  This information will allow us to learn more about how they have been affected by COVID-19 and what support mechanisms /interventions we can put in place in order to support as many of them as we can moving forward.  We recognise that pupils’ mental and emotional wellbeing are likely to have been affected, but we would like to get more information from them.  We have posted information relating to this survey, and links to the survey, in your child’s Teams.  We are also attaching it below so you are able to read the information and perhaps support them in completing it.  We ask you to please encourage your child/ren to complete it as honestly as possible.  We will be posting reminders all week.  If anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s PT PCS or House Head to discuss these.
The survey may take 15-20 minutes to complete. It is anonymous. As a school if we get enough completed we receive a general report based on the information everyone has given. If not enough people complete it, we don’t receive any feedback.  The more we know about how life has been for Montrose Academy pupils the better we can support your son/daughter in the future.
To access general information on the TeenCOVIDLife volunteers page, use the link below:​

• To access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

• To start the survey, click on the link below and follow the links for TeenCOVIDLife​

For the pupils of Mrs Webster

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Hi all- hope you are doing ok! Just to let you know that for every piece of class/home work, I will make a wee video which will help you with the task(s). There will be a link to the YouTube lesson and you find it in our teams page! If you are stuck, then just email me or use the ‘chat’ channel in the teams page.

Take care, hope you see you all soon.
Mrs Webster.

Friday afternoon activities Initiative

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A parent of one of our pupils has very generously put a great deal of work into planning extra-curricular opportunities for young people in Brechin on Friday afternoons. She would now like to gauge interest for a similar initiative in Montrose.


In Brechin, volunteers willing to run a number of activities have come forward.  These range from dancing, music, arts and crafts to creative writing, book groups and economics.  Sports activities and walking groups are also being offered.


Should you feel that you would be able to offer an activity on Friday afternoons, we would be able to provide a venue in the school and would cover any costs related to the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme and insurance.  Volunteers would however be required to complete risk assessments.  Please get in touch with the school and we will forward you the details of the parent who will oversee this initiative in its initial stages.