School Poster Competition

By 3rd November 2020Art, School news

School poster competition.

The school captains are running a competition to design a new poster for putting in classes and around the school. The poster is to illustrate the 5 selected values of: Equal, Achieving, Greatness, Engaging, and Ready (E.A.G.E.R.). The poster competition is open to all Montrose pupils to enter. The poster should illustrate the 5 values and can include any imagery that can be found in each of the following.

  • E: Equal – caring environment, feel safe and important
  • A: Achieving- All achievement should be celebrated no matter the degree
  • G: Greatness – all should thrive for greatness
  • E: Engaging – lives of individuals and families are involved with the community
  • R: Ready – All will be ready for opportunities and challenges with a mind-set of resilience and determination

Instructions: You can use the pro-forma below and add design to the background, and / or lettering but you must have different designs in each of the boxes to illustrate each word. If you can’t print the pro-forma a copy can be collected from the art department.

Alternatively, you can create your own design on a blank A4 paper. The poster must have the letters E.A.G.E.R. and the words Equal, Achieving, Greatness, Engaging and Ready and must have illustrations for each of these words.

The poster should be in colour. You can use any materials you want to make your design.

Deadline: Competition entries should be handed into the art department by 30th November







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