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SQA update

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You may have seen the update from which states that coursework for Higher , Advanced Higher and National 5 courses not sent off before the end of last week, will no longer be submitted.  A lot of pupils and staff put a great deal of work into this coursework and it will be really frustrating for them not to be able to send this off.  The SQA statement makes clear it is still to announce exactly what should be taken into account for estimate grades. We will wait for this update before making a decision on how estimates will be reached.

Advice for parents and carers

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The Association of Principal Educational Psychologists has compiled a list of tips for parents and carers to support young people through the current situation with school closures.  You might find these helpful.

Your child will be learning from your response to the current situation. Seeing you staying calm and resilient will be crucial to helping them cope with the circumstances.

It is very important to maintain structure and routine for your child whilst schools are closed. The following 10 tips may help you to maintain your child’s health and well-being.

  1. Set times for getting up and going to bed for your child.
  2. Have regular times for meals.
  3. Build in time for fresh air and exercise as far as this is possible.
  4. Structure your child’s day so that they have a variety of activities and break times.
  5. Create a menu of activities that your child can do during the day.
  6. Make a daily plan of activities and share these with your child the night before so that you and your child know what is happening the next day.
  7. Review the day’s activities and talk about what they have done. A sense of accomplishment is important for children and young people.
  8. Make Monday to Friday different from the weekend by structuring the activities along the same timings as a normal school day.
  9. Decide when and for how long your child will have access to electronic devices and for what purpose.
  10. Maintain contact with friends and family through technology.

Remember that your child will be learning from your response to handling this situation. Seeing you staying calm and resilient will be crucial to helping them cope with the circumstances.


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Home Learning

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As the majority of pupils are now unable to attend school, Montrose Academy staff have put together work which can be done at home.  This work, organised per year group, can be found under the the Home Learning tab.

Mobile Phone Policy

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Montrose Academy


The use of social media and mobile technologies


Policy guidelines


Montrose Academy’s policy on the use of social media and mobile technologies is based on Angus Council’s Policy Guidelines on THE USE OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS, SOCIAL MEDIA AND MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES  POLICY GUIDELINES

Additions or amendments to the policy, particular to Montrose Academy, are indicated in red.


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There are no formal examinations for courses at National 2, 3 and 4.  These courses are assessed internally by teaching staff with marking subject to external moderation by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). Almost all National 5 courses have an external examination. Higher and Advanced Higher courses in all subjects also have external examinations.

Young people in S4, S5 or S6 sitting external examinations will have a period of exam leave from Thursday 30 April to Tuesday 19 May inclusive.  Young people will also be excused attending school the day before any examination which falls out with that period.  This will give young people additional time to revise and prepare for their exams.

Any young person who wishes to attend school during the period of study leave is entitled to do so.  School staff will be available to answer questions and provide support.

Pupils with no external examinations are expected to continue attending school and will be able to access a variety of learning experiences.

I hope this letter clarifies arrangements for the exam leave that will operate in Angus secondary schools this session.  If you have any specific questions about exam leave arrangements, please contact the school in the first instance.