Friday afternoon activities Initiative

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A parent of one of our pupils has very generously put a great deal of work into planning extra-curricular opportunities for young people in Brechin on Friday afternoons. She would now like to gauge interest for a similar initiative in Montrose.


In Brechin, volunteers willing to run a number of activities have come forward.  These range from dancing, music, arts and crafts to creative writing, book groups and economics.  Sports activities and walking groups are also being offered.


Should you feel that you would be able to offer an activity on Friday afternoons, we would be able to provide a venue in the school and would cover any costs related to the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme and insurance.  Volunteers would however be required to complete risk assessments.  Please get in touch with the school and we will forward you the details of the parent who will oversee this initiative in its initial stages.

Developing The Young Workforce

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S1 and S2 girls spent a very interesting day at the Baker Hughes GE facility at Portlethen in Aberdeen recently. They worked with pupils from other schools from Aberdeen on an exercise in the morning which helped them learn more about themselves and their attributes. In the afternoon they received an informative presentation on how oil wells are drilled from the Chief Directional Drilling Engineer. They were surprised to learn that he could put an oil rig several miles from the school and direct the drill such that it would come up under their chair in the classroom!

They also toured the facility and learned about the down hole monitoring in which the engineers specialise. They met several female engineers throughout the day, who are promoting Girls Get Set and told the girls about the work they do and how they came to be doing their STEM related jobs.



A group of pupils responded enthusiastically to the invitation received from Eilis Elder of KILMAC to visit one of their sites in Montrose.  It was made during a presentation which Eilis made to an assembly last month.  The school looks forward to having a productive partnership with KILMAC.  Civil engineers and surveyors are due to visit the school on Dec 6th to talk about their careers to senior pupils.

“The pupils were a joy to have and were really excited to see what we were doing. We will look forward to having them again as the job progresses” Eilis Elder, KILMAC



S5 pupils hard at work in Baker Hughes GE Oil and Gas headquarters Silverburn House in Aberdeen.  Under the guidance of Mentors from the company throughout this school year they are tasked with designing and constructing a model “Christmas Tree” – a system of pipes and valves which sits on the sea bed and controls the flow of oil from a well.  They have a lot to live up to – last year Montrose Academy won the competition which involves several schools from Aberdeen.  It is held under the banner of “Girls Get Set” encouraging girls into Science and Technology however this particular project also involves boys.


These girls took part in an S6 Girls Get Set “Personal Branding” workshop at Baker Hughes/GE headquarters in Silverburn House Aberdeen. Steve and Becky (pictured behind the girls) are from the Recruitment Department of the company and took the girls through how to best portray themselves in application forms, CVs, interviews etc.

This was their final GGS activity which is part of the school’s partnership with Baker Hughes/GE.   The girls had taken part in other activities throughout  S1–S5

It was an informative day where the girls learned lots – not only about the oil and gas industry but about themselves !